EdamameFresh soy beans steamed and lightly salted$3.95 k-edamame
Japanese Pan steamed dumplings$6.50 k-gyoza
YakibutaTender slices of slow marinated pork. $6.25 k-yakibuta-ramen
Tatsuta AgeBite size bits of lightly fried chicken seasoned Japanese style.$6.25 k-tatsuta-age
Ebi Tempura*Shrimp and vegetables cooked in a delicate batter served with tempura sauce.$6.25 k-hana-tempura
Breaded oysters cooked to a golden perfection.$6.95 k-kaki
Asari Sake MushiClams steamed in a light mixture of sake, ginger and soy.$8.95 k-asari-sake-mushi
Ika Kara AgeSweet butter marinated squid breaded to a crunchy finish.$6.95 k-ika-kara-age
Agadashi TofuLightly cooked tofu served in tempura sauce with bonito.$7.95 k-agadashi-tofu
Gyuniku TatakiSeared USDA choice beef topped
w/ginger sauce and served with mixed greens.
$15.95 k-gyuniku-tataki-salad
Agadashi TofuPremium tofu served on gourmet spring mix w/soy sesame dressing.$8.95 k-agadashi-tofu
Umi No SachiFresh tuna, salmon, octopus & white ?shover gourmet spring mix served w/Hana house dressing.$15.95 k-umi-no-sachi
Tori Kara AgeJapanese seasoned crispy chicken on top of mixed greens with Hana house dressing.$9.95 tatsuta-age-salad
HanaAvocados and fresh sliced parmesean mixed with greens and Hana house dressing.$8.95 k-hana-salad
Bento Box LunchesServed with salad, rice and assorted side dishes.
Shigotonin BentoYour choice of teriyaki beef or chicken or ginger pork. $8.95
Tori TeriyakiGrilled breast of chicken with a traditional teriyaki sauce.$11.95
Gyuniku TeriyakiGrilled New York steak marinated and topped with traditional teriyaki sauce.$12.95 k-gyuniku-teriyaki-bento
TonkatsuLean ?let of pork covered in crispy bread crumbs served w/a fruit & vegetable sauce.$10.95
Tori KatsiTender chicken breast covered in crispy bread crumbs served with a fruit and vegetable sauce.$11.95
Shake TeriyakiGrilled salmon glazed with a traditional teriyaki sauce.$10.95
Shake ShioyakiGrilled salmon lightly seasoned with sea salt.$10.95 k-shake-shioyaki-bento
Maguro TeriyakiGrilled Ahi tuna prepared with a traditional teriyaki sauce.$11.95 maguro
Hana Bento6 pieces of chef’s choice sashimi, California roll, shrimp & vegetable tempura. Served w/miso soup.$15.25 k-hana-bento
Noodle EntreesServed with green salad.
Tempura UdonLarge white Japanese noodles in a soy broth with shrimp and vegetables lightly battered on the side.$9.25 noodles-only-1
Tempura SobaThin brown buckwheat noodles in a soy broth with lightly battered shrimp and vegetables on the side.$9.25 noodles-only
Ebi YakisobaPan fried shrimp, vegetables & rice flour noodles presented on a cast iron hot plate.$10.95 k-ebi-yakisoba
Yasai YakisobaPan fried vegetables rice flour noodles presented on a cast iron hot plate.$9.95 k-yasai-yakisoba
Yakibuta RamenEgg ?our noodles topped w/marinated slow cooked pork, bamboo, fish cake & seaweed.$9.95 k-yakibuta-ramen
Yasai Yaki UdonPan fried large white Japanese noodles & vegetables.$10.95 k-yasai-yaki-udon
Hana SpecialsServed with salad, rice and soup
Hana KatsuGolden breaded chicken breast infused with Koso butter.$16.95 k-hana-katsu
Hana GyunikuUSDA choice New York steak w/sweet sautéed onions cooked to order.$18.95 k-hana-gyuniku
Hana Yasai SukiAssorted seasonal vegetables, tofu & clear noodles simmered in a sweet Japanese broth.$16.95 k-hana-yasai-suki

Miso ShiruA delicate seasoned soup made with soy bean paste.$2.50 k-miso-soup
OsuimonoA clear fish broth with a light unique flavor.$2.50 k-osuimono-soup
Side Dishes
Ao YasaiMixed gourmet greens with your choice of miso, ginger or sesame seed.$3.95 ao-yasai
GohanSteamed Japanese white rice.$2.50 rice
Hana An MitsuAloe jello accompanied by mandarin oranges, red bean paste with a cherry on top.$6.95
Cream Filled TempuraCream lightly battered to a golden crunch.$5.95
Tempura Ice CreamVanilla ice cream lightly battered and served with a strawberry sauce.$6.95 k-tempura-ice-cream
Macha Ice CreamA scoop of delicious green tea ice cream.$4.95
Mochi Ice CreamYour choice vanilla, mango, strawberry or green tea ice cream surrounded by a rice flour shell.$4.95
Kisetsu No KudamonoA variety of seasonal fresh fruit specially cut by chef Kaz.$8.95
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Minute Maid Light, Ice Tea, Hot Tea$1.75 k-fiji-water
Japanese Specialty Drinks, UCC Iced Coffee, UCC Iced Green Tea$2.75 k-japanese-coffee
Japanese Orange Juice$2.50 k-japanese-oj
Japanese Soda Pop$3.50 k-japanese-soda

The State of Arizona requires that the following notice be posted: Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

No split checks. 18% gratuity on 6 or more. Sorry, no substitutions.

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