You Can’t Order Hana Japanese Eatery through DoorDash

Hana has been in busi­ness for over 10 years, and in that time has attained a stel­lar rep­u­ta­tion that we are so proud of. We want each cus­tomer to have an excel­lent expe­ri­ence, from the food we serve, to the fresh­ness and qual­i­ty of the fish, how its pre­sent­ed to you, and your expe­ri­ence with the staff who work with you.

The only thing bet­ter than sushi, is sushi in your paja­mas, on your couch, while Net­flix­ing, right? We under­stand cus­tomers might want to take advan­tage of web­sites like Post­mates or Door­Dash to get the food they expect from Hana Japan­ese Eatery deliv­ered to their door. And we would love to help make that hap­pen, because we love sushi and paja­mas, too.

But we have learned over the years that cus­tomers too often end up dis­ap­point­ed by food that is mis­han­dled, not deliv­ered in a time­ly man­ner, or mis­ad­ver­tised. The menus are often out of date, the prices shown are wild­ly more expen­sive than what we serve in our restau­rant, and the staff of these ser­vices are some­times rude to our cus­tomers and staff. It looks bad­ly upon us, but most­ly, it just upsets cus­tomers. For these rea­sons, Hana Japan­ese Eatery does not deliv­er through Door­Dash or Post­mates (or any oth­er new ser­vice that signs us up auto­mat­i­cal­ly for deliv­ery with­out ask­ing us)

We are thrilled to pre­pare our food, as you’ve come to expect it, at the price you’d pay in our restau­rant, giv­en to you and han­dled by the staff you love, at our restau­rant. Our menus are online and up to date, and if you give us a call, we’ll put an order togeth­er for pick­up. We’ll pre­tend we don’t notice that you’re wear­ing your paja­mas under your coat, and we’ll get you back out the door lickety-split.