gluten-free option

  • Tai Nanbanzuke

    Tai Nanbanzuke

    Flash fried Japanese seasonal fish topped with pickled vegetables & house soy-vinegar sauce.

  • Hana Pride* (House Specialty)

    Hana Pride* (House Specialty)

    Yellowtail, tuna, salmon, Krab, albacore, white fish, pickled burdock root, avocado, asparagus & sprouts wrapped in cucumber; topped with togarashi, ponzu and sesame…

  • Squid Maruyaki

    Squid Maruyaki

    Whole grilled squid served with ginger, soy sauce and lemon.

  • Scallop Dynamite Dish

    Scallop Dynamite Dish

    Krab and scallop topped with spicy mayo.  Baked, finished with ponzu, siracha, green onions and bonito.  (Not a roll – no rice)

  • Tuna Tataki Roll*

    Tuna Tataki Roll*

    Avocado, cucumber, asparagus roll topped with seared tuna, housemade tataki sauce, roasted garlic chips & green onions.

  • Hamachi Kama

    Hamachi Kama

    Yellowtail collar grilled.  Served with daikon, green onions and ponzu (depending on availability).

  • Rainbow Roll*

    Rainbow Roll*

    California roll topped with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, white fish and avocado.  (Substitute real crab for $5.00)

  • Sea Bass Sakamushi*

    Sea Bass Sakamushi*

    Mediterranean sea bass steamed in sake and served with asparagus, garlic and soy sauce butter.

  • Tuna Tataki Sashimi*

    Tuna Tataki Sashimi*

    Lightly seared tuna topped with housemade tataki sauce, roasted garlic chips and green onions.

  • Mochi Shingure

    Mochi Shingure

    Puffy rice squares served with daikon, green onions & ponzu.

  • Green Mussels

    Green Mussels

    New Zealand green mussels baked with spicy mayo and topped with green onions, ponzu, sriracha and bonito.

  • Mixed Greens

    Mixed Greens

    Ginger, miso or soy sesame dressing.

  • Chicken Tatsuta-Age

    Chicken Tatsuta-Age

    Crispy bite-sized pieces of marinated chicken breast.

  • Asari Sake Mushi

    Asari Sake Mushi

    Clams steamed in sake, ginger and soy.  Garnished with lemon and green onions.

  • Agadashi Tofu

    Agadashi Tofu

    Tofu lightly rolled in potato starch and fried, served in tentsuyu sauce

  • Tataki Salad (Tuna/Steak)*

    Tataki Salad (Tuna/Steak)*

    Seared tuna or steak with crispy garlic, ginger tataki sauce, green onions, soy sesame and miso dressing.

  • Agedashi Tofu Salad

    Agedashi Tofu Salad

    Tofu lightly battered and fried, served with soy sesame and miso dressing.

  • Umi No Sachi (Sashimi Salad)*

    Umi No Sachi (Sashimi Salad)*

    Salmon, tuna, yellowtail, octopus, albacore with soy sesame and miso dressing.

  • Tori Kara Age Salad

    Tori Kara Age Salad

    Seasoned crispy chicken with soy sesame and miso dressing.

  • Salmon* (Shioyaki/Teriyaki)

    Salmon* (Shioyaki/Teriyaki)

    Pan-seared salmon with salt or teriyaki sauce (mirin, sake & soy).

  • Maguro Teriyaki*

    Maguro Teriyaki*

    Pan-seared tuna with teriyaki sauce (mirin, sake & soy).

  • Habachi Steak & Lobster*

    Habachi Steak & Lobster*

    Steak & lobster tail, pan-seared with garlic, butter & lemon.

  • Hana Yasai Suki

    Hana Yasai Suki

    Assorted seasonal vegetables, tofu & shirataki (clear) noodles simmered in a shiitake broth.  Served with organic salad, miso soup and rice.