Fresh Fish

  • Toro | Fatty Tuna*

    Toro | Fatty Tuna*

    The luscious fatty Bluefin Tuna belly is the most desired fish in sushi. If its available, be sure to order it.

  • Suzuki | Seabass*

    Suzuki | Seabass*

    A fresh, mild tasting white fish that’s fabulous as sashimi, served with a bright ponzu.

  • Uni | Sea Urchin*

    Uni | Sea Urchin*

    Sea urchin is a delicacy in Japanese food- delicate and with a lovely mild, briny taste, consider adding a raw quail egg to…

  • Shiro Maguro | Albacore*

    Shiro Maguro | Albacore*

    A firm but buttery white fish that is a cousin of the prized Toro or Bluefin Tuna.

  • Kani | Wild Snow Crab

    Kani | Wild Snow Crab

    Alaskan Snow Crab is meaty with a fresh and bright taste.

  • Tobiko | Flying Fish Roe

    Tobiko | Flying Fish Roe

    Smoky, salty, and crunchy fish eggs burst on your tongue. Consider adding a quail egg as a great way to counter the saltiness.

  • Unagi | Fresh Water Eel

    Unagi | Fresh Water Eel

    Grilled and sweet glazed, fresh water eel tastes like sweet, firm white fish.

  • Hirame | Halibut* (Ask for Availability)

    Hirame | Halibut* (Ask for Availability)

    Halibut is a sweet, subtle and delicate white fish served with daikon oroshi, green onions and a bright ponzu sauce.

  • Ikura | Salmon Roe

    Ikura | Salmon Roe

    Less salty than flying fish roe, these large, buttery and mellow eggs burst on your tongue. Consider adding a quail egg as the…

  • Aji | Mackerel*

    Aji | Mackerel*

    Aji is very similar to the word for “taste” in Japanese, for good reason. Mackerel has a mildly oily but firm texture, and…

  • Masago | Smelt Egg

    Masago | Smelt Egg

    The smaller and lighter in color than tamago, smelt eggs burst on your tongue with a surprising, salty flavor. Consider adding a quail…

  • Tako | Octopus

    Tako | Octopus

    Poached and seasoned, octopus has a nice bite with a slight sweet and salty taste.

  • Amaebi | Sweet Shrimp*

    Amaebi | Sweet Shrimp*

    Large raw sweet shrimp have a delicate taste like white fish with a bit of a sweet bite. Their softness is the perfect…

  • Ankimo | Monkfish Liver (Ask for Availability)

    Ankimo | Monkfish Liver (Ask for Availability)

    Monkfish liver which we marinade and steam ourselves.  Limited availability based on vendor availability.  Topped with daikon oroshi, green onions and ponzu.

  • Shake | Salmon*

    Shake | Salmon*

    Salmon is such a popular sushi choice because of its rich, succulent flavor. Ask for fresh grated wasabi as the perfect accompaniment.

  • Hotate | Scallop*

    Hotate | Scallop*

    Scallops have a fresh, bright flavor that is enhanced with citrus. Soft and delicate, they’re garnished so you’ll require little enhancement.

  • Ebi | Shrimp

    Ebi | Shrimp

    Mildly salty like the sea, cooked jumbo shrimp are delicious with fresh grated wasabi (ask for some) or a light bit of soy…

  • Ika | Squid*
  • Tamago | Egg

    Tamago | Egg

    Made fresh, in-house, by Chef Kaz.

  • Maguro | Tuna
  • Hamachi | Yellowtail*
  • Fresh Oysters* (Ask for Availability)

    Fresh Oysters* (Ask for Availability)

    Generally Kumamoto or Shigoku oysters, but we’ve been known to change it up.  One order is two pieces.  Topped with grated daikon, ponzu…