Cut FishNigiri
(2 pcs)
(3 pcs, no rice)
ToroMKTMKT s-toro
Flying Fish Egg$5.00$10.00
Freshwater Eel$5.00$10.00 s-eel-sushi
MackeralMKTMKT s-mackeral-sushi
Raw ShrimpMKTN/A
Red Snapper$5.50$10.00
Salmon$5.00$10.00 s-salmon-sushi
Scallop$5.00$10.00 s-scallop-sashimi
Shrimp$5.00$10.00 s-salmon-and-shrimp-sushi
Stripped Bass$5.00$10.00
Squid$5.00$10.00 s-squid-sashimi
Tamago$5.00$9.00 s-tamago-sushi
Tuna$5.50$11.00 s-tuna-sashimi
AlaskanCalifornia Roll draped with raw salmon$8.00 s-alaskan-roll
CaliforniaCrab meat and avocado and cucumber$7.00 s-california-roll
CaterpillarCrab, cooked eel, avocado and cucumber,
draped with avocado and eel sauce
$12.00 s-caterpillar-roll
CucumberCucumber and rice wrapped in seaweed$5.00
PhiladelphiaCream cheese and smoked salmon$7.00
Shrimp TempuraPanko encrusted butterfly shrimp with
cucumber, avocado and rice
$8.50 s-shrimp-tempura-roll
Spicy TunaTuna seasoned with Asian hot sauce$8.00 s-spicy-tuna-roll
VegasSalmon, avocado and cream cheese$11.50 s-vegas-roll
YellowtailYellowtail and cucumber in seasoned rice$8.00 s-yellowtail-roll
Signature Roll
Hana RollShrimp, crab and pickled root with tempura flakes$11.00 s-hana-roll
Volcano RollCalifornia roll draped in white fish and a spicy mayo sauce baked to perfection$10.00 s-volcano-roll
Baked Salmon RollCalifornia roll draped with salmon, then baked to a perfect finish$10.00
Hana Pecha RollHana roll with asparagus$11.00
Sashimi Salads
SquidSquid, mushroom, ginger, bamboo shoots
in a soy vinegar dressing
Salmon SkinBroiled salmon skin, mushroom, ginger,
bamboo shoots in a soy vinegar glaze
OctopusOctopus, mushroom, ginger, bamboo shoots
in a soy vinegar dressing

The State of Arizona requires that the following notice be posted: Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

*prepared vegetarian upon request

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